Get the heroic, all by bike! - 31/07/2015

Get the heroic, all by bike!Get the heroic, all by bike!Get the heroic, all by bike!

Here we present  some non-competitive cycling events the most important of  which will take place on October 4, 2015, and which will involve thousands of subscribers. Composed of 4 routes, short, medium, medium long, the departure from Gaiole in Chianti and through several counties including Radda in Chianti, where it our farm Ceperano is situeted with various points of dining options located in beautiful and characteristic places. The HEROIC participation is reserved for cyclists wearing historical bicycle of  historical inspiration, on heroic or vintage bikes. For who will want to book at our farm  Ceperano and will be entered in the race, we will give a 10% discount and a bottle of wine of our production as a welcome. And so, a nice ride for all those who love the sport in the true sense of the word.

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